2016 Top 25 Hoverboard for Less Than $300

Hoverboard and solowheel prices are constantly changing in this market but below are the top 25 deals on products on this site which are around a few hundred USD. Also check the left side bar of this page for the best deals going on right now in order of price.


Top 30 Hoverboard / Solowheel deals going on now!

Here is our constantly updated page of the top 30 deals going on now for hoverboards and solowheels!

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Here are the most recent products added to our buyers guide:

Do hoverboards come with warranties? What does Square Trade offer?

Most of today’s two wheel hoverboards and solo wheels are made by manufacturers that are not including a warranty on their product. There are several third party warranties available that still over protection including Square Trade which offers some discounted plans on Amazon without the need for a coupon. Depending on the price of the hoverboard, a Square Trade warranty could cost less than $20.

For full details on the Square Trade lineup of warranties, view their website here: http://www.squaretrade.com/

Amazon also sells Square Trade’s warranties including this one year bike / scooter warranty for $19 or two years for $25. These warranties would be good for devices ranging from $250 to $259.

Post below on your thoughts on how today’s hoverboards stand up and if a warranty is needed.

Best Hoverboards for Under $300

Hoverboards are a hot item this holiday season and there are a few boards that you can get for a reasonable price. Here is a current list of a few for under $300

  1. Sharky Smart BEDICAR BT 2015 Two Wheel LED Light F1 for $275 on Amazon
  2. Monorover Hoverboard Unicycle Airboard Electric Drifting Board Personal for $258 on Newegg
  3. Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board Unicycle Balance 2 Wheel White for $259 on eBay (using Buy It Now)

More coming soon! These are the best deals I could find for now. Please comment below if you found any others.